Egyptian Ring

High quality steel, silver, gold, bronze, egyptian ring for men and women.

Are you looking for an Egyptian cat ring? or a protective talisman such as the Atlantis Ring? a pyramid ring ? or a ring with the Egyptian cross ? You are at the right place!

Egyptian Rings for Men & Women

Since ancient Egypt, men and women have proudly displayed their ancient Egyptian rings. They convey different meanings and will elegantly decorate your hands.

They are not only indicators of social class, but also provide protection against various threats. The worship of jewelry extends to the dead to facilitate his death.

We provide you with a wide selection of ancient Egyptian rings, some are typical women egyptian rings, while others are more suitable for men.

You can also choose from mixed rings. You will find exquisite Egyptian seal rings decorated with seals, because they were once used to seal documents, beetle rings, Re rings, Atlantis rings, pharaoh rings, Tutankhamun rings, pharaoh rings, illuminati rings etc. All you need to do is decide which Egyptian ring succumbs to your taste and even affinity.

The Jewelry in Ancient Egypt and the Power of the Ring

Through these rings of ancient Egypt, relive the elegance of the era when jewelry was everywhere.

Just to name a few, names such as Cleopatra or Nefertiti immediately arouse people's attention through their decorations. This knowledge has been passed on for hundreds of years and regularly appears on the podium of celebrities in the fashion industry.

We often find inspirations from Egyptian art in architecture and decoration. Ancient Egypt has become a fashion that never gets tired of, and has a fascinating past. Egyptian men’s rings are either gilded or symbolized by gods, or silvered to represent their bones, and are decorated with cut stones or exquisitely carved. Generally speaking, jewelry occupies a major position in ancient Egypt.

History of the Egyptian Symbolic of the rings

Millennia later, enjoy the stories that Egypt told through our Egyptian Rings. The jewels are decorated with sacred hieroglyphics, symbolic representations among which we can mention:

Egyptian Beetle/Scarab Ring

He is associated with the solar god and represents rebirth, as on our Egyptian Beetle Ring.

The Egyptian Cross Ankh Ring

Jewels like the Ankh Ring, this protective talisman is a divine symbol for immortality and power for the pharaohs.

Egyptian Snake Ring

Jewelry adorned with a snake, usually a female cobra also called uraeus which is a protective symbol and represents the destructive force.

Horus Eye Ring

Horus Eye Jewelry like Horus Eye Ring are powerful charms. They are more health-oriented.

Atlantis Ring

For Counter the Tutankhamun curse
The Atlantean Ring is probably the oldest of the esoteric jewels with many properties including protection against negative influences.

There are still many of them, and it is exciting to discover the entire universe related to each. The Egyptians are polytheists, and there are many gods with strange appearances in their history. Their gods are anthropomorphic figures based on their observation of certain animal behaviors and natural laws.

Pharaohs does wear Jewelry ? Like Rings ?

Many Egyptian pharaohs inherited each other for 3000 years. They ruled ancient Egypt in turn, a total of 345. Among them, the most famous is Tutankhamun. Real treasures were found in his tomb, including many Ankh Cross jewelry, or 143 Egyptian Ankh crosses.

They provide us with important symbols of Pharaoh's jewelry. Among them, we found many well-made pharaoh rings or Gods rings with many signs on them to prevent all dangers.

We can also mention the greatest and most famous queen, Cleopatra, whose charm made Roman generals out of mission. We are talking about Cleopatra’s mines because she occupied emerald mines during her dynasty, and the entrances of these emerald mines are hidden in temples.

High Quality Egyptian Rings inspiration

The Egyptians showed incredible skill when making jewelry, for example, for all the objects found in the tomb and all the different forms of expression. Pharaohs have absolute powers, judges, army leaders, etc., because they are considered creatures. On the portrait of the pharaoh's headband, he wears a death mask, which is a symbol of strength for the wearer.

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Find all the symbols of ancient Egypt in our selection of rings in our Egyptian store. These rings will please all lovers in Egypt, all those who are fascinated by their world, their stories and meaning. And which will you be attracted to?