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We invite you to discover our range of Egyptian Necklaces Ancient Egyptian Woman. Whether you are looking for a gift to offer or to please yourself, we suggest you to enjoy the benefits of our Talisman Necklaces to choose from our wide selection.

If you are looking for a gift for your half, a family member, or simply a friend, the Egyptian Style Necklace is the ideal gift.

Indeed, it will suit the person to whom you offer it regardless of their age. In addition, you can offer it to a woman as well as a man.

This Egyptian Jewelry is available for any occasion: a birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc., or simply for the pleasure of giving pleasure.

It will symbolize the affection you have for him. However, you must be attentive to the Ankh Man Necklace that you will choose so that the person will like it, it will show the interest you have in him and that you are attentive to him.

It must either be consistent with its tastes and style, or display a symbol of your choice to allow it to benefit from its protection.

Egyptian Protection Talisman:

The Protective Talisman will offer you, thanks to the symbols it displays, a magical protection. Depending on its representation, it will allow you to take advantage of the specificity of each of them.

Indeed, the Egyptians attributed a particular function to the various symbols, for example the Beetle Pendant embodies the solar god, as the sun returns every morning, it is a representation of rebirth for the deceased and a powerful protector for the living.

The Egyptian Ankh Cross, which is the cross of life and represents immortality, the rounded upper part symbolizing the eternity of the gods and the cross placed below it representing continuity, are also worth mentioning.

The eye of the falcon god Horus, once restored and returned to its owner thanks to Thoth, becomes the Udjat Eye, considered as a good luck charm by the Egyptians, it is also associated with physical integrity and would have powers related to vision, for example it would allow the deceased to see the world of the living, etc..

The representations of pharaohs are a symbol of protection and power, because they were considered by the Egyptians as living gods who will become full-fledged deities after their death, so they held absolute power.

Or why not choose a natural stone? They are known for their ability to emit vibrations. They allow you to find harmony in your everyday life.

Each stone has its properties, for example pink quartz is a stone that brings love, friendship, turquoise is known for its healing properties, etc... It is not necessarily necessary to know the properties of each stone to choose, you can also choose a stone that attracts you, sometimes our unconscious does its job perfectly.

All you have to do is choose which Talisman Pendant you want.

Egyptian Amulet Pendant

We offer you a wide choice of Egyptian Scarab Jewellery, among them you will find Ankh Necklaces whose Ankh Pendant is inspired by the symbols of ancient Egypt, sometimes even decorated with hieroglyphics.

You can choose it gold or silver according to your preferences or your complexion, in fact, gold will enhance a matte complexion while silver will highlight fair skins. Some models are decorated with a coloured cut stone.

These jewels are rather discreet like the Magic Protection Pendant because of this fact, they are very easy to wear on a daily basis. They will perfectly finalize your outfit and enhance your cleavage. You can also select your Life Cross necklace to accompany you during various events.

You will thus benefit from the refinement that Egyptian women had the secret to underline their beauty. You also have several possibilities for the neckband. Indeed, we propose you to wear your Pharaoh Gold Pendant on gold, silver or black chains, with different meshes such as the chaton mesh, this chain is moreover one of the most pleasant to wear, the figaro mesh with its rhythm of several small meshes then a larger one, etc...

But also on cords of different materials if you prefer. These fancy necklaces will allow you a whole range of possibilities, you will be free to vary the pleasures by passing from the Egyptian Beetle Necklace to the Egyptian Cartridge Pendant.

For trendy and vintage Horus Eye Necklaces that will follow you in all circumstances, we offer you a wide choice of Egyptian Pendants to offer or to offer you. Expert in Egyptian Cartridge Jewellery we offer you through our shop very fashionable accessories at low prices.

We also offer you the choice to choose your jewellery by Egyptian symbols such as Egyptian Beetles, Horus Jewels Eye, Egyptian Plaster Necklaces, Egyptian Snake and Anubis Egyptian God