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You are looking for a lucky charm to offer or to offer you that is also a decorative element. We invite you to discover our collection of articles representing powerful Egyptian Symbols that will bring you happiness and protection.

We suggest that you decipher these ancestral beliefs that are good for you.

History of Egyptian Decoration

Throughout history and throughout the world, man has attributed magical virtues to certain objects and Egyptian jewelry in his possession. Ancient Egypt played a very important role in the establishment of the mystical powers granted to them. To offer amulets and talismans their powers, the Egyptians solicited gods, the dead, but also sacred hieroglyphics to increase the potential of the various objects. Their legendary effectiveness will cross centuries and oceans to reach us and continue to provide us with these various representations steeped in history, for example, it is still common to see the symbol of the Egyptian beetle. Egypt will continue to fascinate us. Moreover, it is important to stress that the Egyptian pyramids are among the seven wonders of the world and that they are the only ones that are still visible.

Both men and women benefited from their power of protection. In addition, you will enjoy the beauty and refinement of Egyptian art through its objects to decorate the interior of your home.

Powerful Egyptian Charms for decorate and protect your Home

Many symbols come to us from ancient Egypt, they were used as protective amulets or bringing good fortune. They were also used in religious and magical rituals for the living and the deceased.

The Beetle, The Protector for your Egyptian home decoration

The Egyptian Lucky Beetle is the most common symbol. Through its lifestyle and habits, this animal has been associated with the sun and its inevitable course in the sky. Indeed, it forms a ball with the excrement of other animals and pushes it by rolling it to a hole, from where it will be reborn or born in the early morning just like the sun. The beetle symbol also represents rebirth for the dead, an emblem of protection for the living and the incarnation of the solar god. The lucky beetle is a true ancestral gri-gri that you never get tired of.

Udjat Eye, Good Choice of home decor and Strong Protection from Horus God

We also frequently see the Udjat Eye, this symbol is the representation of the eye of the falcon god Horus. To avenge his father's death, Horus launched a war against Seth. During this fight, he will lose his eye. It is then Thot who will restore it to him and restore it in a magical way. This lucky charm is also a symbol of physical integrity and good health.

Ankh Cross, Give Energy & Protection to your egyptian home decor

The Ankh Cross appears in the hands of the gods on the representations. It is also found on pharaohs to symbolize their power. It is the divine symbol representing immortality, the soul that lives eternally. Present at ritual ceremonies, it was considered a protective talisman and is also called the cross of life.

The Egyptian Cat for Home decoration, He catch and chase Bad Spirit 

The Egyptian Cat was considered a sacred animal. Indeed, it protects the crops stored in the attics by hunting down pests that could destroy their crops. The Egyptians consider him to be the guardian of sleep, because he watches over the gates of the night. The cat embodies the goddess Bastet, a protective goddess who was highly revered by the Egyptians. It was customary to place his representation in the form of a Cat Statuette to protect his house from evil.

Give Energy, Life & Color with our Egyptian Home decoration

Your lucky charm carries different symbols through its color too. For example, gold was considered by the Egyptians to be the flesh of the gods. Each symbolism is born from the observation of what surrounds them. This is why gold, which has the property of being a metal that does not deteriorate, is considered as a representation of eternity. Yellow was also used to represent women. Silver, on the other hand, was considered more precious than gold, it was the symbol of the bones of the gods. Precious stones such as lapis lazuli were commonly used and inlaid. Blue was considered to be the color of immortality.

How do i protect my home with egyptian decoration?

Once you have chosen your Egyptian object, it will find its harmonious place in the heart of your house, preferably in one of the main rooms. If the object is small enough and if you want, you can have it followed with you, why not in a pocket of your handbag. However, if you are looking for a lucky charm to take with you in any circumstances, a piece of jewelry may be more suitable.

To get your Egyptian Lucky Charms and enjoy its power of attraction of luck or simply find a beautiful object for your decoration that will make you travel to Egypt comfortably settled at home, come and discover the different items in our shop. They also make great gifts for Egypt lovers.

If you prefer to choose your future jewelry by a specific theme, you can go to the Egyptian Symbols page or find directly, for example, the Egyptian Ankh Crosses, Egyptian Pharaoh, Egyptian Beetle, or the eye of Horus Jewels.