Egyptian Bracelet

Egyptian Bracelet for Men & Women

We offer you this superb range of Egyptian Style Bracelets inspired by antiquity.

For all lovers of Egypt, whether for its stories, symbols, style or all of these, we offer you a collection of jewelry whose inspiration will surely seduce you whether it is to give a gift or to please you.

Egyptian Bracelet Charms

We offer you both Ankh bracelets for men and Egyptian bracelets for women and other mixed bracelets that will suit both men and women.

The Snake Silver Bracelet is a jewel that can be offered on many occasions as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, etc., or even simply for no reason, just to please.

In addition, the recipient will be able to fully enjoy it, as the bracelet can be worn in many circumstances, at work, in the evening, in everyday life, etc...

However, it is important to take into account the style of the person you want to offer it to, to choose the one that will please him and that will adapt to his look.

The Egyptian Silver Woman Bracelet is an ideal gift to show your affection or love through this delicate attention without being charged with the same symbolic as the ring.


Historically, the Egyptian Arm Bracelet is a symbol of power and strength. It is easier to wear than other jewelry and will easily adapt to different styles.

Of course, as long as you make sure the bracelet matches the gentleman's taste. At the time, it was imposing. From now on, we can choose massive models or other more discreet models worn alone or in accumulation.

The material mix also offers a very trendy look. The bracelet is a masculine jewel for men who assume themselves by allowing them a little touch of coquetry.

The aesthetics of these accessories allow them to display their assertive character while adding a touch of sensuality.


Ancient Egypt is characterized by great elegance. Indeed, sumptuous jewelry was used to perfect the Egyptians' outfits.

At the time, women wore long white dresses that were highlighted by the different jewels they wore and which highlighted their beauty.

That is why, even today, after thousands of years, we continue to draw inspiration from the know-how and finesse of jewellers in order to continue to enjoy them with our current outfits.

The bracelets are worn around the wrist or higher around the arm, why not both according to your desires.

The bracelet placed around the arm will perfectly match a dress, tank top or any other outfit that leaves the arm bare. He is very feminine. Also known as an armband, it is emblematic of the ancient Egyptian tradition.

We see it in many representations, it is carried by slaves as well as by members of the royalty.

It wraps itself gracefully around your arm and fits perfectly around it, sometimes in the form of a Man Snake Bracelet or a Woman Snake Bracelet, which is a symbol of divine protection.


Generally speaking, jewelry had different functions: decorative, social, and especially for the ancient Egyptians, magical and religious, to the point that these beliefs have crossed the centuries to reach us.

Whether it is Egyptian silver or gilded bracelets, beautifully decorated with stones sometimes meticulously integrated into the design, each choice has a meaning: for example, silver was rarer, it symbolized the bones of the gods while gold was the flesh.

The stones in turn evoked something related to nature and deities, such as the lapis lazuli, which was considered as the eyes of the gods, and with its night blue colour, it was associated with the sky, sacred refuge of the souls of the pharaohs.

The symbols, with their bracelets adorned, are also of great importance, as they were means of protection for the Egyptians.

This is why, on these Bracelets we find the Ankh also called the cross of life symbol of immortality, but also the beetle, the eye of Horus, the snake, etc...

The large cuff bracelet is also an emblematic jewel of the Egyptians. This maxi bracelet is worn on the wrist as Queen Cleopatra wore it more than 2,000 years ago with her Egyptian Cleopatra Jewelry.

Century after century, we are still as fascinated and in love with the various Egyptian jewels. Their incomparable style offers men and women, even today, an unmistakable look.

We offer you a superb collection of bracelets inspired by ancient Egypt that you will find in our shop at affordable prices.

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